Cover design

Once the title was chosen by the publisher (in consultation, of course) the cover design becomes the next topic of discussion. [Read More]

Copy edit of a chapter

Copy edit is the last chance to make significant changes to the text. Most chapters involve plenty of sentence rewriting and a few moves of a paragraph, but much of the delta is punctuation and word choice. [Read More]

Artwork ready for review

The artwork came back as a PDF with one drawing per page, labeled by filename. The first batch was pretty good, considering that Richard (I learned the artist’s name) must have had no idea what the symbols meant. [Read More]

Copy edit begins

Copy edit phase starts this week with two chapters (Ch 1 and 4). The chapters that resulted from developmental editing have been converted to a new style regime, and are now ODT instead of DOCX format. [Read More]

Artwork help needed

Perhaps it was due to poor grades in Art class back in my school days, but I quickly realized that the sketches I did for graphics in the book we not going to be up to par. [Read More]