Epigrams in the book

I like clever sayings and wise proverbs, the shorter the better, so I wanted to work a number of them into the book. [Read More]

Book on sale tomorrow

Finally my software security book is available for general sale tomorrow (December 21, 2021). Recent events such as the Log4j vulnerability demonstrate that our work is far from over (and the latest Microsoft security update lists 35 CVE). [Read More]


At last, print copies of my book Designing Secure Software: A Guide for Developers are now in stock, but only from the publisher. [Read More]

References links checking

While writing this book I curated a list of web references for sources of material or details beyond what made sense to incorporate in the text. [Read More]

Complete book proof review

This week I reviewed the complete book PDF, checking that previous changes were successfully made by the compositor. With luck that should be make it final. [Read More]

Index review

The penultimate review for the book is the index, and I just hit Save on it. Creating the index was a surprisingly interesting as well as challenging part of writing the book, and I’m very glad to have tackled it myself. [Read More]

Sales categories adjustment

When the book appeared in the Amazon marketplace I set up an author’s page and claimed the title. I expected some sort of verification, but they just granted me the book I asked for. [Read More]