Coming Soon

Awaiting the release of any book requires patience, but this year amidst numerous supply chain challenges it’s particularly uncertain. The original October target date is almost here, but I can report that the publisher hopes to have copies of the print edition for sale in early November – about a month ahead of general release now set for December 2021. [Read More]

Complete book proof review

This week I reviewed the complete book PDF, checking that previous changes were successfully made by the compositor. With luck that should be make it final. [Read More]

Index review

The penultimate review for the book is the index, and I just hit Save on it. Creating the index was a surprisingly interesting as well as challenging part of writing the book, and I’m very glad to have tackled it myself. [Read More]

Sales categories adjustment

When the book appeared in the Amazon marketplace I set up an author’s page and claimed the title. I expected some sort of verification, but they just granted me the book I asked for. [Read More]

Copy edit of a chapter

Copy edit is the last chance to make significant changes to the text. Most chapters involve plenty of sentence rewriting and a few moves of a paragraph, but much of the delta is punctuation and word choice. [Read More]